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Students’ works in
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No empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolveNo empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolve
No empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolveNo empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolve
No empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolveNo empty theory Only working methods Learn and evolve

Course program:

More than 100 lessons based on real projects! 90% practice to close all questions for employment.

  • Introduction to the profession, plugins, types of websites

    Let's talk about the most important profession in IT and learn secret techniques for working with web interfaces.

  • Designer tools: Figma or Adobe Xd

    We will learn how to work in detail with smart components, Auto Layout, styles, effects, and much more.

  • Composition and grids

    Learn the secret techniques of compositing that will impress any user. You'll also learn the ins and outs of working with grids and dimensions. And of course, you will learn to understand the layout structure like a true professional!

  • Typography on the web

    The power of a font is much greater than you realize. You'll be surprised how your work will be transformed after gaining all the knowledge about the intricacies of working with typography!

  • The basics of color theory

    Red or green? You will understand how to determine the color palette for a project, as well as how to use colors to influence people's psychology.

  • Working with graphics. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

    We will analyze the tools for working with graphics and the necessary techniques for image processing, creating WOW-compositions for use in projects.

  • NEW Animation of interfaces

    A beautiful mockup is not the end of the story! You'll learn how to animate your project so that everyone opens their mouths in awe.

  • Inspiration and working with references

    You are not born creative, you become creative! And we will learn how to do it.

  • Tables, forms, Dashboards

    Forms are a key element of selling any interface, so we will analyze them from «from» and «to»! And finally, something that no one teaches - how to design tables correctly, all the subtleties and techniques. And where without Dashboards!

  • All about UX. Design thinking, research, testing, and user psychology

    This course is not only about how to create a «pretty picture». You will understand every stage of project development, starting with the idea and research, using all the necessary designer artifacts.

  • WOW iOS and Android app design + mobile website design

    You will become a confident designer of mobile applications that will be included in the TOP collections on the App Store. You will not only learn all the intricacies of mobile app design, but also about the process of preparing materials for publishing it on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Portfolio. Designing for popular interface types

    You will have all the necessary projects for your portfolio that will help you hook your client. Websites, iOS/Android apps, research, and all stages of development.

  • Freelancing, orders, working with clients, and interviews

    I'll share the secrets of successful interviews, the perfect portfolio and resume. And an experienced HR will provide additional recommendations.

  • + bonus lessons and personal branding

    How to constantly develop, how to increase the value of work, how to communicate with clients and handle objections, how to interact with the team, how to prepare a contract, present yourself, and much more.

  • What to do after the course?

    Don't worry - you'll have a step-by-step plan for your advancement + support even after the course. If you still believe that you can learn all this in a 3-month course, then you are just wasting your time and will end up having to relearn. So be patient, and I will share with you the secrets of a successful designer!

Giving life
to design

Figma in motion: learn to animate interfaces that take your breath away!
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and perks

+10 vacancies

Assistance in

I collaborate with leading studios, recommend my students and pass my personal orders

Small group
up to 15 people

Everyone will have different works.
And I suppress attempts to take someone else's homework

Practice starting from the first class

Every theoretical lesson is solidified with practical tasks


All tasks are checked personally by Alice K without tutors with dubious experience.

Feedback on
all assignments

So detailed, that you would have no chance to do poorly.

The best students
will discourage
the course cost
during training!

For great results during studying you can obtain an order from my agency and an invitation for an interview

More than 15 works for your portfolio + Behance

You will get a 100% prepared portfolio that contains websites and apps for an employment

My name is
Alice I am the author
of the course
My name is
Alice I am the author
of the course
I am a practicing UX/UI designer, mentor, freelancer, entrepreneur, speaker…
I lead the largest community of designers on Instagram and Telegram
I'm an art director at ITmaestro design-agency.
I have 15+ years of experience in UX/UI design
I’m a member of the jury for the international UX/UI design awards
There are more than 50 professional awards in my collection.
My clients:
I promote the European yacht rental service
I know everything about web&mobile design and freelance
I give masterclasses for leading studios regularly
I instill love for design and creativity
I have fed more than 90 homeless cats
Course student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathonCourse student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathon
Course student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathonCourse student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathon
Course student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathonCourse student feedbacks from mentoring and design marathon
Got her first $2500 project

I graduated from a technical college and worked as a design engineer, but I've always wanted to learn new things. About a year ago I began to get interested in web design and came across Alice's page. I was immediately inspired by her story and her works. When I saw her course with personal feedback, I went to learn from her without hesitation.

The first thing I realized about the course is that it’s not only about the website and app design. The course lays the foundation from zero to the pro level, giving all the necessary skills and knowledge for further development in many areas, not limited to web and mobile design.

Most of all I like the amount of practice in the course: it makes up most of the lessons and homework. There are various competitions, battles, and marathons with prizes in the student chat, that are very energizing to pump up and not stand still...

💖 Bought a MacBook PRO in a month

Hi, Alice! I’m insanely happy to be your student and to adopt your experience and knowledge. With your course my other dreams came true: for the first project, I bought my long-time dream – a MacBook! And I also started working as a full-time designer, and now I have a stable salary!

Although initially, I wasn't sure if I should come to your course, as it’s aimed at beginners. I had already been doing web design for about a year, worked in a studio and with a blogger, and had already taken two courses. I thought that the course for beginners from scratch would not suit me, since I already knew the basics. But how wrong I was, because you are the one who really taught me, closing all the gaps and even re-educating me. As it turned out, I was taught even the basics badly.

But I was sure that my knowledge is superficial and I need to go further, as I really enjoy diving into UX/UI design.

In just 30 minutes of personal consultation, you closed a lot of my questions. I realized that I could learn even more during the course, so I started without hesitation. And I had no regrets, you allowed me to look at this profession from a different angle, to understand what really needs to be done and in what direction I should move. Especially I am grateful for your personal checking of homework. You give quality feedback and notice all the nuances, I know your approach to work and I admire it! Thank you for all you do for us ❤️...

Joined the American company

I want to share my story of how I got a job at an American design agency just graduating from high school.

Since childhood, I wanted to become a designer and was a creative person in general. I graduated from high school and didn't know where to go next. When I saw the announcement of the course on Alice's Instagram, I clearly decided that I wanted to learn design from her and it turned out to be my best decision.

As soon as studying began, I realized that I was in the right place at the right time. From the very first lesson my eyes lit up and I was very motivated to keep learning. The course simply met all my expectations (even though I already knew that the course would be awesome). A lot of practice and the most understandable in-depth theory without needless information, all of the case. You won’t be able to relax because in each new lesson, you have to apply the knowledge from the previous classes. It allows you to learn and remember all the material (which is not little).

As I went through the course, I collected works for a good portfolio. This was enough for me to get my first order. It was kind of scary, but I did well because the course gave me knowledge not only about working with different programs but also about dealing with clients and communicating properly.

After a couple of months, I got a remote job at an international web studio and was able to make a steady income and not only enjoy my work but also provide for myself (and my cats)...

🔥 The course has paid off during studying

My name is Katya and I'm 25 years old. I used to work in catering, but I decided to combine my life with creativity and chose web design. In general, I was interested in design for a long time and was following Alice on Instagram. And when I saw that she had started a course, I signed up immediately.

I really like her teaching style. She gives feedback quickly. The information in the course is important, valuable, and structured.

The main reason why I took the course was my desire to change my profession and start working as a web designer. And thanks to the course I have already begun to do that!

Alice offered to design a website, for which I had already received payment and immediately recouped the entire cost of the course. But that was not all, after the project Alice offered me to become a part of her team, despite the fact I hadn’t even fully completed the course yet. Of course, I was thrilled with such an offer and agreed, and now I am continuing my studying and working together with Alice.

If you want to learn the profession of a web designer – this course is what you need...

Change 4 jobs and found herself

I tried different professions – I worked as a copywriter for 4 years, as a photographer for 1.5 years, and as an SMM specialist for 2 years. It was a promising job, but something was missing all the time. I kept thinking about design as something I really wanted to do. But I didn't dare, because I thought it was long, complicated, and highly competitive (and even offensive, because I was wrong).

But I've been following Alice's blog for about four years, watching her projects and the projects of her agency. And I even studied for free lessons and marathons.

So a year ago, when I burned out on my previous work because I simply did not get pleasure from what I was doing, I came back to my thoughts about design. But I was so scared to start something new.

And then I saw that Alice was starting a course! If I'm going to study design, it's going to be only with her.

And I was not mistaken. This course gave me not only technical knowledge but also self-confidence as a specialist and confidence in working with clients...

Everyone who has been on my course  mentoring and consultations notes how reverently I treat my students and their success! 

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Together with Alice K

The most in-depth course from scratch (or with experience) to Middle+. 4-12 months

  • Over 100 lessons. Theory + 90% of practice from real projects;

  • Feedback from me on all tasks and questions;

  • Perfect portfolio: research, websites, iOS/Android apps, animations;

  • Assistance with employment, freelancing from the studio. Everything is aimed at making you get the job;

  • Video tutorials, practical masterclasses, participation in competitions;

  • Only 15 spots available! Private chat and bonuses;

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